by Eddie Snipes

Blessing, Division, and Vision
Eddie Snipes
Genesis 13:1-11

When God blesses, division often follows. In the study on the Tower of Babel, I spoke of division as a part of God withdrawing his blessings. When a church is blessed, they often get 'blessing focused' and lose sight of the purpose of God's blessing. In this study, I will look at another reason for division. The blessings of God separate the spiritual from the carnal. Division isn't always a tragedy. When a leader gets a call from God and a vision for His purpose, he begins to follow that purpose. God blesses someone's life because they are going where God is going and doing what God has ordained. When we follow God, blessings follow us. People are drawn to success. Division follows success because not everyone drawn has the mind to do God's will. Blessings cause division as people are separated into two groups; those who are focused on what God is doing and those who are focused on what God is giving. Those who aren't spiritually minded with follow the blessing at the cost of sacrificing the purposes of the One who provides the blessing. I have never been in a church that did not have divisions during times of phenomenal growth. This becomes a tragedy only when the leaders get sidetracked by trying to hold everything or everyone together. They lose the vision for God's will and becomes focused on reconciling the disputes between people. I recognize the need to address issues as they arise, but when people can't or won't get behind the vision, there is no way to reconcile and we must be willing to part ways. Unity at the expense of God's plan is worse than a split in ways. We need to be reconcilers, but not at the cost of abandoning our call. We are commanded to pursue peace with all men. Sometimes parting ways is the only way to living peaceably. The important thing is that we never part from pursuing God's call. God can't bless those who cause division, but we also can't please everyone. The person ...

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