by J. Gerald Harris

The Key to Prosperity
J. Gerald Harris
Psalm 1:1-3

Almost everyone wants to experience success and prosperity in life. However, the success and prosperity offered by this world is exceedingly temporary.

The transitory nature of success was poignantly illustrated recently in some events that transpired over at the University of Georgia. Of course, we all know that the University of Georgia football team ended the season ranked number three in the nation. They won the SEC conference title. They won a stirring victory in the Sugar Bowl. For their success on the gridiron they won championship rings.

You would have thought that any athlete would have been proud to be a part of such a victorious season. You would think that anyone awarded a championship ring would have worn it with pride. But within a matter of months seven of those Georgia football players had sold their rings in search of some new thrill. The success of their season was diminished by their greed, or swapped for drugs. But it simply illustrates the temporary nature of the kind of success and prosperity this world offers.

What each follower of Jesus Christ must pursue is spiritual success. We must desire to go on with God. We must have a longing to ''grow in the grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.'' We must be willing to pay the price to go on to spiritual maturity.

Someone has wisely said, ''Conversion is only five percent of the Christian life. Ninety-five percent is going on with God.'' I can't really speak for anyone here but myself, but I must confess to you that I need to go on with God.

You know, sometimes I just get in the spiritual doldrums. Do you know what the doldrums are? I am told that the doldrums is a part of the ocean near the equator where the weather is extremely hot and where the wind is calm. The old sailing ships would sometimes get caught in the doldrums, and these ships would lie helpless for days and weeks waiting for the wind to be ...

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