by J. Gerald Harris

The Sin of a Three Tabernacle Kingdom
J. Gerald Harris
Luke 9:28-42

What is the most incredible thing that you've ever seen? I had one young father tell me that the most incredible thing that he had ever seen was the birth of his son. And, you know, I really envied him having that experience. When our children were born the husband was not permitted in the delivery room to see that incredible event take place. So, I have never actually seen the birth of a child.

I had someone tell me not long ago that the most incredible thing they had ever seen was the launching of the space shuttle at Cape Kennedy. They indicated that the power that was evident, the sound of the rockets, the lifting of a massive shuttle off the launching pad, the reaction of the crowd was just incredible.

I think the most remarkable and wonderful thing that I have ever seen is the garden tomb where many scholars believe Jesus was laid to rest after His crucifixion. Just the possibility of that being the place where Jesus overcame the stranglehold of death and defeated our last enemy and arose victoriously is just overwhelming.

But in our text Peter, James and John were privileged to see an extraordinary and spectacular event -- the transfiguration of our Lord. The word "transfigure" comes from the Greek word "metamorphoo." We get our word "metamorphosis" from it. It means "to change to another form."

For example, when a caterpillar spins a cocoon and sequesters himself within that cocoon, a metamorphosis takes place. The ugly, furry, creeping, crawling caterpillar becomes a beautiful, colorful, graceful butterfly. So, Jesus was transfigured before the eyes of the disciples. I believe that in the metamorphosis that took place that day, the body of Jesus was changed, essentially, into the radiant, glorious body that Jesus received after He was raised up from the dead.

The body that Jesus possessed in this transfiguration experience, I believe, is also the kind of body that the b ...

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