by J. Gerald Harris

A Universal Hymn of Praise
J. Gerald Harris
Psalm 100

There was a missionary who was far away from home, and life had been very difficult for her. She had many, many struggles and very little results in her work. She was sad. She was down. The mail came as she was looking out her second floor window, looking at the crowded streets and the people that she had been called to serve. She sat down upstairs, looking out that window as she opened her mail.

One letter was from her sister back in the United States. God used this letter immediately to cheer her up and to encourage her. And as she read the news and thought of what it was like to be with her sister, to feel her embrace and to laugh, it was like she was there. And then also in the envelope her sister had enclosed inside the letter a $50 bill. O how she needed that, and yet she knew it had been a real sacrifice for her sister to send it. And as she was filled with joy her mood changed and her attitude was different. She noticed one man in the crowd on the streets below and he looked so very, very sad. As she watched him, he happened to stop beneath her window and she had a moment of inspiration. She quickly took a piece of paper, a note, and she wrote on it, "Don't despair," and took the $50 bill, enclosed it with the note, put it in an envelope and called to the man beneath her and said, "Mister," and dropped the envelope to him.

He picked it up, opened it, saw the words, saw the cash, looked up at her and smiled the biggest smile you've ever seen and ran off down the street with his newfound fortune.

Later that night there was a knock on her door and, strangely, it was this man. As he stood at the door he handed her a handful of money. And she looked at him and said, "Well, what's this for?" And he smiled so big, and he said, "Don't Despair paid 10 to 1 at the track." He might have wondered, "Where did she get such a great tip on the race?"

Well, I want to give you a tip this morning. Don't ga ...

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