by J. Gerald Harris

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You Were Formed for God's Family (3 of 5)
J. Gerald Harris
Acts 16:25-34

In our text for this morning, we see a family. It is the family of the Philippian jailor, and by the time we get to the last verse of our text we discover that they have repented. They are redeemed and they are rejoicing.

I just love the concept of family. There's not much better in this world than a happy, holy, healthy family.

Not long ago Success Inc. magazine crunched some serious numbers to provide a survey on "what workers want." In the category of success, respondents answered the question, "Which one of the following would most give you the feeling of success in your life?" Do you know what scored first? 62 percent of the persons surveyed said, "Happy family life." 15 percent said, "The ability to do some good in the world." In other words, 77 percent of those surveyed defined success in terms of family and helping others.

My mom and dad and sister have already gone on to heaven to be with the Lord, but I have such wonderful memories of family life. When I was growing up as a boy, I remember the day my mother took me to school to enroll me in the first grade. I remember the Sunday night when my dad walked with me down the aisle of the church so that I could make my profession of faith in Jesus. I remember sitting around the dinner table when I was a little boy and listening to each family member tell about their day's experience.

I remember that each Easter Sunday my dad would pin an orchid on my mother's dress and we would walk together to church -- and we didn't just go to church on Easter Sunday; we were there all the time. It was a family thing. I remember the vacations that we took. My dad had it in his heart and mind to take us to every state capital in the country before we graduated from high school and left for college, and we visited every state capital on the mainland, except for North Dakota and Minnesota.

I've always declared Thursday to be my favorite ...

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