by J. Gerald Harris

An Extravagant Gift for an Extraordinary Savior
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
Matthew 26:6-13

This morning we are thinking about an extravagant gift for an extraordinary Savior. And at first I was a bit hesitant about using "extraordinary" as an adjective for Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ is not one of many saviors. He's not the best Savior. He is the only Savior. But then when I looked up "extraordinary" in a thesaurus, it gave words like "unique," "unparalleled," "incomparable," "unequaled," "unprecedented," "singular," "one and only." And it was then that I decided to use the word "extraordinary."

And what I want to challenge you to do today is to look in your own heart, and make a decision to give an extravagant gift to this extraordinary Savior who is none other than the Son of God, the anointed One, the Alpha and the Omega, the Creator of the universe and the Lord of life.

And may I say that Christmas is a time for giving. And we need to give our best to the Master. Let's don't hold back. Let's demonstrate our love for Jesus Christ by giving to Him that which He so richly deserves.

A newspaper reported a case involving a woman who had gone for advice to a local marriage counseling service. She complained that her husband seemed to be growing cold toward her and she feared that she had lost his affection.

When the man was privately interviewed by the counselor, however, he spoke very highly of his wife. He even produced a diary from his pocket in which he had written, just a few days before, these words: "I have the most wonderful wife on the earth. She is a treasure. She is a gift from God. She is a blessing to my life."

The counselor looked at the man in amazement and said, "What's the use of keeping your love locked up in the pages of a book? Why don't you show her how much she means to you!"

"O," said the crestfallen husband, "I thought she knew!" The counselor reminded him that the Bible admonishes us to demonstrate our affec ...

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