by J. Gerald Harris

A Month of Destiny
J. Gerald Harris
Esther 4:14

I want you to know that I've been thinking a great deal about the events that are to take place this month. Tomorrow night we have the beginning of the Living Christmas Tree presentations. When I first talked to Brother Scott Lee, I told him that I felt that it was imperative for us to have someone to come in who could help us revitalize and resuscitate our Christmas program. In the past we have had so many people who have been initially introduced to our church through the Christmas program. And I have felt that if we could lift the quality and the dynamic of our Christmas music to a new high that it would touch the hearts and lives of people in a very positive and redemptive way.

We have also just voted to adopt a new budget. Because of the transition that we have been through, it is imperative that we meet our budget requirements for the new year.

We have also indicated that this coming Sunday is ''Membership Sunday.'' We have literally scores of people in our services every Sunday who need to make decisions for Christ and for the church. And I am praying that this Sunday will be a significant Sunday in terms of walls being broken down, and excuses being set aside, and people making commitments to the Lord and to Eastside Baptist Church.

I also pray that we will find our people faithful to prove the Lord this Sunday in giving a tithe of their income to His work.

And the succeeding Sundays are just as important. And our Christmas Eve services are highly significant. And I believe that this is a pivotal month in the history of our church. I believe it is a month of destiny. I believe that it will become a breakthrough month for our church.

And as I have prayed about this month and have sought God's face concerning this message, which will be my first message for this month, I have found myself strangely held to the words of our text.

They describe a moment of destiny that came in the life of a ...

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