by J. Gerald Harris

Every Member a Minister
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
John 12:26

In God's great scheme of things here at Eastside Baptist Church, I realize that I am not much. However, as I look at those who are going to be ordained as deacons, and as I look at our deacon fellowship, as I look at those who are involved in the primary ministries of our church, as I look at our Sunday School leadership and those involved in our music ministry, and as I look at those who are ushers and greeters, as I think about those who care for our children, those who are involved in our food service, those who maintain our buildings, I realize that God has surrounded me with some wonderful people, people with character and influence, people who have power with God and with man.

In fact, I am reminded of a story that I heard from the military academy at West Point. Did you hear about the smallest guy ever to graduate from West Point? He was really small. He was 5 feet, 2 inches tall, the smallest possible height for a West Point cadet. He only weighed 120 pounds - which is the smallest possible weight for a cadet at West Point.

He was the brunt of all the jokes all the way through school. But he graduated with honors, and upon graduation was made a second lieutenant and sent to Ft. Bragg and given a platoon of men to put through a period of training.

When the captain introduced this 5 foot, 2 inch lieutenant to his platoon, some of the men snickered, and a couple of the men just laughed out loud. But the young West Point graduate decided he would take charge immediately. He said, "I demand your respect and I've got two questions I want to ask on this first day. Hear me well."

"Here's the first question. If there is anybody here who thinks he can beat me up, step forward." All the men looked around at each other - then this huge recruit stepped forward. He was 6 feet, 7 inches tall and weighed 275 pounds. The lieutenant said to this recruit, "So, you think you can beat me up?"

The recru ...

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