by J. Gerald Harris

A Strategy for World Conquest
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
Acts 1:1-14

The book of Acts tells us about the amazing birth of the first century church. The disciples who remained on earth after the ascension of Jesus had an enormous task - the task of evangelizing a world that was primarily hostile to the Gospel.

But do you know what God did in that discouraging day? He took ordinary people - a man here, a woman there, a boy here, a girl there - and, after touching their lives, He flung them out into that ancient world and He tipped that upside down world right side up.

That excites me. That stirs my soul. When I see what is happening in our world today, my heart cries out, "Oh, Lord, do it again!" I want God to do something like that with me. I want to go out without whimpering and complaining and having a defeatist attitude, but go out like these first century men and women to be mighty for Him.

I tell you, the church needs to realize that the time is short and the situation is desperate. The devil is gaining a stronghold in our world. Business as usual in the church will not suffice in this day. We need to develop a strategy to conquer our community, our city, our state, our nation and our world for Jesus Christ.

Now, read the record of the early church and you'll discover that the believers who walked triumphantly through the book of Acts were ordinary people who were made extraordinary people because God took them and filled them with His Spirit and used them in a mighty way to impact their world for the Lord Jesus Christ.

In this message I want us to see several things that will help us to understand the dynamic of those first disciples.


The early believers were born in certainty, and that certainty was the birthmark of a deep conviction. It was this conviction that made the church of the first century the mighty movement that it was.

The early believers were convinced that there was a man by the name of Je ...

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