by J. Gerald Harris

Trouble Makers for a Troubled World
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
Acts 17:1-8

I could quote all of the statistics to verify it, but we are living in a troubled world. We are living in a time when the human race is surging toward reality. Men are reexamining those ideals that they are willing to die for in order to preserve them in this world.

I was startled to read a statement the other day written years ago by Culbert Rutenberg, professor of Eastern Seminary. He said, "The only dynamic in our time is the dynamic of the anti-Christ." Look around today and see the influence that is exerted by the humanists and the secularists and all of the groups that are anti-God and anti-church. Look at those groups that are opposed to the traditional family values. Look at those groups that are trying to undermine our Judeo Christian heritage. Was Culbert Rutenberg right when he said, "The only dynamic in our time is the dynamic of the anti-Christ."

But then I turn and read from the 17th chapter of the book of Acts a description of a body of people about whom it was said, "These are the trouble makers in our world. These are the ones who keep the pressure on the world." I turn two chapters forward, and I have not read through the 10th verse of the 19th chapter of Acts until I find the statement that within a period of two years all of Asia, including more than 12 major cities -- all of the people of Asia had heard the gospel, both Jews and Greeks. Within two years time the first century Christians had knocked on every door in Asia and all of Asia had been evangelized.

There was a time when the dynamic of human history came from the people of Jesus, and it ought to be the same today. Christianity is revolutionary. Our world needs turning upside down -- or rather it needs turning right side up. First of all, this revolution must take place in the hearts of individuals. The way to change the world is to change the individuals in it. We will never have a better world until we ...

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