by J. Gerald Harris

A Man of God
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
I Kings 17:24

Robert H. Bork says that America is not leaning toward Bethlehem, but slouching toward Gomorrah. We are a broken nation - broken financially, morally and spiritually. If we were half as spiritual as we think we are, we would be seeking the Lord with weeping and fasting and praying.

We have labored in the flesh too long. We have interpreted success by material gain - bigger buildings for our churches, bigger crowds for our hearers, bigger offerings as proofs of His favor. We have played evangelism with a hundred gimmicks. Lord, give us in this dark hour of human history men of God who will wait upon the Lord, hear His voice, get an anointing of His power and an authority from heaven to deliver His message to a sick church and a dying world. We have had pigmy preachers too long. God, give us giants. Lord, give us some men like John Knox who said, "Give me Scotland or I die;" men who will say, "Give me America or I die."

We need men like Amos who was forthright and outright, but claimed no birthright; men like Jeremiah whose heart was like a volcano and whose words were like fire. We need men like John the Baptist who walked into the court of Herod, and we see him there as he announces, pronounces and denounces.

And then, of course, there is Elijah. He faces God before he faces men, but he is self-effacing. He hides with God in the "secret place," but he has nothing to hide in the marketplace. He is naturally sensitive, but supernaturally spiritual. He has passion, purpose and pugnacity.

Our national need at this hour is not that the stock market continue to surge, or that we avert a war in Iraq, or that we save face over a White House that is riddled with scandal, or that we find the answer to the ecology problem. The need of the day is men of God who will be unmoved by fear or favor, who will not bend or waver, but who will lift up a standard of righteousness and proclaim "thus saith the Lord."

Now, ...

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