by J. Gerald Harris

Study of Romans 8
Dr. J. Gerald Harris

Last week I asked you to select a chapter that we might study tonight. Brother Tom Brown, I believe it was, suggested that we study Romans, chapter 8, and I agreed.

If I had to pick out five or six of the greatest chapters in the Word of God, I would probably include Romans, chapter 8, among those great, powerful chapters of the Bible. There is John 3, John 15, I Corinthians 15, Philippians 2, Psalm 23, Isaiah 53 and Romans 8. Well, that's more than five. Actually, there are 1189 chapters in the Bible and I like all of them. But truly Romans 8 is one of the great chapters in the Word of God.

Now, let's begin by just sort of doing an overview of the book of Romans. Now, how do you do that? In my Bible, at the beginning of each book, there is an overview of that particular book or that particular epistle, giving the authorship and the date, the occasion and purpose for writing, and a synopsis of the message of the book. Then it provides an outline of the book -- in fact, a rather comprehensive outline. Most Bibles, particularly if you have a study Bible, will provide this kind of information at the beginning of each book or epistle.

Another source to provide the same kind of information is a Bible dictionary. I hold in my hand a Bible dictionary. This Bible dictionary says that Romans is the greatest of Paul's epistles and considered by many as the greatest book in the New Testament. It says that Galatians has been called "the magna carta" of Christian liberty, and the Roman epistle has been called the "constitution" of Christianity.

This Bible dictionary includes information about circumstances under which the book was written, the date of the writing of the book, the author of the book, the genuineness of the book, the background of the book, the contents of the book.

Another way to get an overview of a book of the Bible, or one of the epistles in the Word of God, is to get a commentary on the book. And, of ...

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