by J. Gerald Harris

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How to Have a Happy Vocation (3 of 4)
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
Proverbs 14:23

I want to speak to you this morning on "How To Have a Happy Vocation." And if you will understand what I am going to say, it will transform your work. It is going to change it from boredom to blessing, from monotony to meaning, from drudgery to dignity, from the same old grind to glory.

There are so many people today who are sick and tired of what they do. I mean, they endure their work. They don't enjoy their work. They think their job is meaningless. Oh, they think some people have happy jobs; some people have exciting work; some people have thrilling things to do, but not them. They draw their breath and they draw their salary.

They wake up in the morning and take a shower and shave, and go down and eat a piece of toast, and scald their throat with a cup of hot coffee because they're running a little late. They back out of the driveway and they fight the traffic to get to work.

They work all day, and they get in their car and they fight the traffic to get back home. They take a couple of aspirin, eat dinner while they watch the evening news, putter around the yard a little bit, and maybe discuss things with their spouse and go to bed.

Then the next day it's the same old thing, nothing exciting, nothing meaningful, nothing thrilling ever happens. It just seems to be so humdrum and so fruitless.

Now, maybe you fit into that category. You love God and you want to serve God, but you have the idea that the only time that you can serve God is when you're not working. And you say, "Well, I'm just a layman. I'm just an ordinary Joe."

Well, listen, you may be a very ordinary person and you may think there is nothing exciting about you, but, you see, God loves ordinary people. He must like them because He made so many of them.

But in I Corinthians 1:26 the Bible says: "For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many ...

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