by J. Gerald Harris

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Good Therapy for Serious Sufferers (13 of 18)
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
1 Peter 3:12-17

In the passage of Scripture we have before us, Peter gives us some good therapy for serious sufferers. Let's say you are suffering from back problems. You are limited in what you can do physically because of back problems. Sometimes you are in absolute physical agony. It's either lumbago, or your sacroiliac is out of whack, or you have a slipped disc or muscle spasms, or whatever. And so you seek the advise of a competent physician. After a thorough examination the doctor makes several recommendations - wear a back brace, exercise, rest, take a mild drug for muscle relaxation or whatever.

In essence, Peter is giving us his therapy for sufferers in this passage of Scripture in the same way that a physician might give you some practical procedures which would help you handle the suffering from a back ailment.

Now you may see something else in this passage of Scripture, but the primary thing that I see is that Peter is emphasizing the Lordship of Jesus Christ. In essence, he is saying, "If you are suffering for righteousness sake, then what you need is a healthy commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord." Notice in verse 15, Peter says, "But sanctify the Lord in your hearts..." One of the versions of the Bible translates it, "Sanctify in your hearts, Christ as Lord." So here Peter is putting a high demand upon his Christian friends to recognize the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It is the Apostle's way of saying, "You have confessed Him as your Savior, now face up the implications of His Lordship. Let Him establish that Lordship as real and unrivaled. Get so caught up in the Lord, Jesus Christ, that the gracious, penetrating, healing wonder of His Holiness subdues and sanctifies you.

Now the acknowledgment of Jesus as Lord has some accompanying provisions. And there are four of these provisions that I want us to consider.


Look in verses 12-14 (read). ...

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