by J. Gerald Harris

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To Get a Blessing Be a Blessing (12 of 18)
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
I Peter 3:8-9

The more I study the epistles of Peter, the more I like this fisherman-disciple. First of all, I want you to notice where we are in I Peter. There are five chapters in this epistle. That means that chapter three is the middle chapter. This chapter has 22 verses, so the middle verse in this chapter would be verse 11, or maybe verse 12. So, we're not even half through yet. But I want you to notice how he starts verse 8 - "Finally." I mean, he's not anywhere close to being through, but he says, "Finally."

I guess you heard about the little girl whose father was a Methodist and whose mother was a Baptist, and she always wanted to go with her dad to the Methodist church.

And one day her mother just sat her down and talked to her and said, "Now, honey, I want to know why you never want to go with me to church. We have a good church and there's absolutely nothing wrong with the Baptists. Why don't you want to go with me to the Baptist church?"

And the little girl said, "Well, mom, it's like this. When I go to the Methodist church the preacher says, 'And finally,' he makes a sentence and he's through, finished. But when I go to the Baptist church the pastor says, 'And lastly,' but it just lasts and lasts and lasts."

Well, I think Peter must have been a Baptist. He said, "Finally," but he was nowhere close to being through.

And notice who he is talking to. He says, "Finally, be ye all of one mind." In the New International version it says, "Finally, all of you...." Peter wants everybody to get this message. This is not just a word to some elite group of Christians. It is not for the super saints or the frozen chosen. This is a message for every believer. So put on your thinking caps.

Actually, the apostle had been addressing himself to specific groups among Christians - stressing their obligations as citizens, as employees, as wives, as husbands. Now he comes to a summation ...

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