by J. Gerald Harris

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A Word to the Promise Keepers (11 of 18)
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
I Peter 3:7

I would like to say a word to the Promise Keepers, or to the men in our church. I know we have a lot of men who like to go off to these big stadiums and whoop and holler and celebrate God's goodness and sing and praise God and listen to sermons and get motivated and fired up. But, now, does that translate into anything worthwhile once the Promise Keepers get home? Hopefully, the Promise Keepers' rallies are being used of the Lord to make your marriage get better and better every day.

It is tragic, but true, however, that many marriages begin to deteriorate after the honeymoon. They begin to fall apart immediately after the bride and groom leave the altar. Someone has said, "Love is something that comes over a man just before marriage and leaves him immediately afterward."

The last time we looked at I Peter, chapter 3, we considered Peter's admonition to women. Some husbands no doubt chuckled, others gave their wives a good nudge. But, ladies, now it's your turn to watch the men squirm, for the apostle Paul turns his attention to Christian husbands.

As a general rule, husbands need to do better. I had a pastor friend of mine up in Gainesville reporting on those tornadoes that came through there a couple of months ago. And somewhere over near Flowery Branch one of those tornadoes picked the roof up off a house, and the husband and wife were asleep in the bedroom upstairs. And it also picked up their bed with them in it and carried it across the field and sat it down in a neighbor's front yard. The wife was weeping softly.

And the husband said, "Don't be scared. Don't be scared."

And she said, "I'm not. I'm just so happy. It's the first time in 25 years that we've been out together."

So we need to look at Peter's admonition to husbands.


Notice our text. It says, "Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge...." So the f ...

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