by J. Gerald Harris

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A Word to the Wives Is Sufficient (10 of 18)
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
I Peter 3:1-6

In the course of a 37-year ministry I have had over 700 weddings. Last year was a record year with 33 weddings in just one year. I wish I had written a diary about each wedding because they were all unique in their own way, and some were particularly notable.

I had one wedding in South Carolina where the mother stood up for the entrance of the bride, and she never sat down for the whole wedding. And, consequently, the whole congregation stood up with her for 40 minutes. I had one wedding in Jackson, Mississippi, where there were 178 candles. Those candles raised the temperature of the church by 15 degrees. If we had had a sprinkler system, it surely would have come on. The church looked like a prairie fire was sweeping through the auditorium.

I think I told you about the wedding in Jackson where one bridesmaid and two and a half groomsmen passed out. The reason I say two and a half is because one of them just fell to his knees. He was never prostrate on the floor. One usher hit his head on the back of a prayer rail and knocked himself unconscious.

I had a wedding in a home where the groom passed out. He finally got to where he could sit up, and so we got him a chair. And then we got a chair for the bride and concluded the wedding with both of them being seated.

Sherry Davidson had the most ordained ministers involved in her wedding party. Lisa Gilmore had the longest wedding, an hour and 23 minutes. Brian and Gena Ergle had the most people in their wedding party. Greg Davidson was the happiest groom I ever saw. Scott and Lori Hullett had the most music.

Elsie Mull and Steve Bishop are the first people that I married and they've been married longer than Martha Jean and I. There is a couple that I married at Peachtree Corners who decided to get a divorce on the third day of their honeymoon. And to beat it all, they went to Hawaii. If you can't stay in love with some ...

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