by J. Gerald Harris

The Highway to Happiness
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
Psalm 61

King David wrote Psalm 61. In the psalm we see his steadfast confidence in the Lord. If you look very carefully, you will also see the Lord Jesus Christ in this psalm. It is a psalm which portrays the Lord Jesus Christ hundreds of years before the incarnation. It is a psalm that begins in a minor key, because it begins in depression, but it ends in delight. In this psalm we find the highway to happiness, the highway from spiritual poverty to spiritual prosperity.

And I contend that there are many people in Marietta, Georgia, who will never be happy until they understand what the Lord has to say to us in this 61st Psalm. There are so many people trying to find the highway to happiness, and they keep going down dead-end streets. But you'll never find the answer to happiness until you find it in the ways of the Lord.

There are so many people sitting around crying in their beer, and not all of them are unsaved people. We've got a lot of Christians crying in their Cokes. We've got a lot of people who are saved, but are miserable because they found out a long time ago that just being saved doesn't necessarily make you happy. In fact, I believe the most miserable person on earth is not an unsaved person. The most miserable person on earth is a saved person out of fellowship with God -- a sort of spiritual schizophrenic. He knows the Lord, and yet he is not living up to what he knows.

Now, I want to say this about the Bible. The Bible is not only good spiritual food, it is good psychology. It is God's law book for living. It is God's handbook for happiness. It is God's blueprint for blessing. God is not some kind of cosmic killjoy up there in heaven inventing a lot of rules to make you squirm like a worm in hot ashes to keep them. God wants you to be happy. He wants you to be filled with joy. And in this psalm He has given you a recipe for happiness.

Now, I want us to look at this psalm in three ...

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