by J. Gerald Harris

The Conditions for Revival
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
II Chronicles 7:14

In Mark, chapter 9, we see a picture of some powerless disciples. A man had brought his afflicted son to the disciples requesting help. And the implication of the Scripture is that the disciples did everything in their power to help this man's son. I have an idea that they prayed over him; they blessed him; they touched him; they attempted physical therapy, and perhaps emotional therapy. They ministered to him and agonized over him, but absolutely nothing happened.

When Jesus came on the scene there was an immediate healing. After this miracle, the disciples cornered Jesus, and they asked Him, "Why couldn't we help the boy?"

And Jesus said to them, "There are some things that can only be accomplished by prayer and fasting."

Now, folks, what we have here is a picture of a powerful Christ, but a powerless church. The disciples represent a church operating in the energy of the flesh.

Now, at Eastside, how much do we rely upon promotion; how much do we rely upon organization; how much do we rely upon publicity; how much do we rely upon human creativity and ingenuity; how much do we rely upon human energy and human talents; and how much do we rely upon the Holy Spirit?

If you took the Holy Spirit out of the equation here at Eastside, would it really change anything? How much are we relying upon the Holy Spirit and the power of the living God to live the Christian life? How much are we relying upon the Holy Spirit to energize our Sunday School classes; to empower our witness; to enhance our ministry; to make effectual our prayers; to enliven our worship experience?

You see, I long to see our church capture the imagination of our city, serving as a catalyst to change the moral and spiritual climate of our society, having a global impact for the cause of Christ and winning thousands of people to Christ here in our own community, and creating such a God-saturated atmosphere that life-c ...

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