by J. Gerald Harris

Singleness and the Single Parent
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
Selected Passages

Today we're casting the spotlight upon our single adults, and I want our church to have an effective ministry to these dear people. The single adult population is the fastest growing segment of our society, and the single adult division is the fastest growing division of our church.

I don't know whether you have ever thought of it or not, but more than half the married folks in this church this morning will become single adults at some point in the future. Some of you will go through the traumatic experience of divorce. And every time there is a divorce, two new single adults break forth into our society. But if your marriage survives, it is doubtless that you and your mate will die at the same time. One of you will be left as a single adult.

So we have young people who are growing up into single adulthood. We have married people who are being thrust back into single adult life, either through death or divorce. And we have a tremendous responsibility to meet the needs of these dear people. Now, since this message is a part of my series on parenting, I will not only be talking about the single adult, but I will be talking about the single parent. In 1992 there were 10.5 million American households with children under 18 headed by single parents. There are 17 million children in those single parent homes, or 30 percent of the nation's children.

Have you ever thought about the agony that a single parent goes through when required by court order to put his or her children on an airplane all alone for an extended visitation with the other parent?

One single mom described her feelings. She said: "I stand in the terminal and I watch the kids' airplane disappear into the clouds. I feel an incredible sense of loss. The loneliness immediately starts to set in. I worry constantly about their safety, but I resist the urge to call every hour to see how they're doing. And when they do c ...

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