by J. Gerald Harris

Philip: The High C
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
John 14:6-12

I have in my hand an instrument called Biblical Personal Profiles. It's a personality test to help you understand yourself and others. We sometimes call it a DISC profile. That's because the test reflects the intensity of your tendencies by classifying you as a D personality, an I personality, an S personality, or a C personality. One of our own members, Ron Braund, has collaborated in writing a book entitled "Understanding How Others Misunderstand You." And, in this book, these various personality styles are clearly delineated.

For example, the D represents a dominant personality. The high D is willing to accept challenges, create action, and obtain results. High Ds can climb mountains and cross rivers. A high D demonstrates confidence that he can accomplish just about anything he desires. But on the negative side, a high D is quick to take the offensive against a challenger. Don't cross a high D unless you're ready for battle. And don't go to battle unless you know you can win. One high D manager said, "People are only a means to accomplish results, and sometimes they get in the way."

I went to an office some time ago -- it was a 9 to 5 office -- and I got there at just about nine o'clock. The door was open, but there was nobody in sight. And so I sat down to wait. And in about five minutes a lady came in huffing and puffing. And when she came in, her boss came out of his office. He didn't see me, but he looked at her and she stopped dead in her tracks. He then looked at his watch and looked back at her, and said, "Well, congratulations Jane. This is the earliest you've been late all week." I think he was a high D.

And then in this DISC profile, you come to the I which represents the influencing personality. Now, whereas the dominant personality style sets his sights on leading an army, there are those who need to inspire the troops to give their all. Whereas the high D strives to set the pac ...

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