by J. Gerald Harris

The Miracle That Impacted Ten Cities
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
Mark 5:1-20

Now, what we have in our text is Tombstone Territory. Now, you have probably heard of Tombstone, Arizona. In the last part of the nineteenth century, it was a famous silver-mining town. Tombstone was the site of the OK Corral.

Many prospectors were killed in that region. And because numerous grave markers dotted the landscape of that corner of Arizona, it became known as Tombstone Territory.

But this morning I want us to go beyond the foothills of Tombstone, Arizona. I want to take you on an incredible journey that will carry you back to the days of our wonderful Savior. And I want to escort you into the very interesting country of the Gerasenes (Gadarenes). I want you to walk with me by the tombs and graves of the landscape described here. And I want you to observe with me one of the most amazing accounts of demonic possession found anywhere in the New Testament.


Our text tells us that Jesus and the disciples sailed across the Sea of Galilee to the country of the Gadarenes. Look beginning in verse 2 (read verse 2-3a).

Now, as we think about this creature intercepted by Christ, please notice first the dwelling place of this man. The word "dwelling" in verse 3 comes from a Greek word which means "to inhabit as one's abode" or "to dwell permanently in one place."

To most of us a cemetery is an eerie, frightening place. I heard about this teenage boy who was walking home from school late one afternoon. And as he was walking home, it started to rain. He decided to take a short cut through the cemetery. As he ran through the cemetery, he was distracted by the flashing of the lightening and the rolling of the thunder. He missed a step and fell into a freshly dug grave, as yet unoccupied. He tried to get out, but the rain had made the sides of the grave as slick as glass.

When it got dark his mother began to worry about this teenage boy a ...

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