by J. Gerald Harris

How Can I Know God's Will?
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
Romans 12:1-3

I believe when a person becomes a Christian it means that a person makes a deliberate choice to seek the will of God, and to do the will of God. A Christian is a person who admits his sin, accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior, and makes a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as his Lord. A Christian is surely not perfect, but he has, by faith, entered into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. As a Christian, it should be my supreme desire to do the will of God instead of my own will.

Now, I don't suppose there is any question that is asked of me any more frequently than, "How can I know the will of God?" This morning I want to offer you some guidelines in answer to the question: "How Can I Know The Will of God?" or "What Do You Do When You Need Guidance?" First of all, let us consider


Now, by the situation factor I simply mean that when you need guidance, start where you are. Start from your present position, from your present situation, from your present circumstances.

No matter how confused you are at the present; no matter how hopeless you may feel at the moment, God can guide you. No matter how difficult your situation is, God wants to reveal His will to you and guide you.

In knowing the will of God, no one starts from an ideal position. We are all sinners and have missed the mark. There is "none righteous; no not one." So begin where you are -- in honesty, in confession, and in humble acknowledgment of your past failures.

About a year ago Mickey Henderson told me about this men's clothing store over at the Town Centre Mall that was going out of business -- Webster's. He had gone over there and gotten all this neat looking stuff dirt cheap. And if I buy any clothes, it's got to be at bargain prices. So I decided to go check out Webster's.

Well, I had never been to Town Centre Mall before. I mean, it's just not my thing. So I told Martha ...

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