by J. Gerald Harris

The Old Fashioned Gospel for a Newfangled Society
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
Romans 1:16

We live in a modern, high tech, automated, computerized, push-button society. But with all of our scientific and technological expertise, it is estimated that there are still 185 million people in the United States who are spiritually lost. Forty-six percent of the United States' population is unchurched.

In our newfangled society, we have translated liberty into license, freedom into folly, and we have substituted welfarism for work, desire for discipline, and rights for responsibilities.

There is corruption in government, dishonesty in business, contraceptives and drugs in most of the public schools, and apathy in the churches.

Do you know what the fastest growing religion in America is today? Not the Baptists. Southern Baptists are growing at a rate of less than one percent a year. It's not even the Jehovah's Witnesses. They're growing at a rate of four percent a year. It's not even the Mormons. They're growing at a rate of six percent a year. The fastest growing religion in America is the Islam religion.

Twenty years ago Vance Havner said we're not going to be able to hold out long enough spiritually to accomplish what we want to accomplish scientifically.

Are you beginning to see the shape of our newfangled society. In this society, people are frantically searching for answers. Some people are looking for answers through inward meditation. The search of others leads them to some exotic Oriental religion or into the New Age movement. Others seek for inner peace in drugs or alcohol. But I want to tell you, dear folks, that the answer to the deepest questions of man's heart, and the solution to the greatest problems that man has, and the quest for inner peace can be found in the old fashioned gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our methods may change. Our techniques may change. Our styles may change. Our approach may change. But our message must not change.

A long ti ...

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