by J. Gerald Harris

More to This Life
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
John 10:10-11

It was in September of 1990 that the chairman of the International Olympic Committee announced that the Centennial Olympic games would be held in the city of Atlanta. That was six years ago. For the last six years Atlanta has been planning purposefully, proceeding positively, and pursuing persistently in order to get ready for these games. Billions of dollars have been spent. An enormous amount of construction has taken place. Thousands of workers have been employed. Tens of thousands of volunteers have been utilized.

This has been the primary focus of the media in Atlanta for more than two years. These games have captivated our attention, revitalized our patriotism, played with our emotions, thrilled our hearts, kept us up late at night, brought the world to our doorstep, and even influenced our worship services.

The question is: will there be life after the Olympics? You know, it will be a let-down, won't it? I mean, what could we possibly do that would top the Olympics? Well, we discovered that there was life after the Super Bowl, and we discovered that there was life after the World Series. And, hopefully, we will discover that there is life after the Olympics. For, you see, just as we must discover that there is life after the Olympics, we must discover that there is life after this life. There is more to life than just living. Jesus said, "I have come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly."

Now, in our text for this morning we see that Jesus is drawing a contrast between himself as the good shepherd who loves His sheep versus the thief who has malice in his heart. I believe the thief mentioned in our text is the devil himself. Now, Satan has many objectives. But I believe that one of his primarily objectives in our day is to keep us from experiencing fullness of life.

Jesus wants us to have life, and He wants us to have it abundantly. He wants us to live on a ...

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