by J. Gerald Harris

Holy Smoke
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
Isaiah 6:1-8

Today we have the joy of commissioning our new banner. Inscribed upon the banner are the words "Holy, Holy, Holy." We worship the thrice holy God of the universe.

In our text for this morning, we see a smoke-filled temple and a worshipping prophet. What do you think is involved in a genuine worship experience? I think there are three things involved. One of them involves an upward look to see God. Another involves an inward look when you see your own sinfulness. Another part of it involves the outward look because you see the needs of others.


Isaiah had an upward look, and he saw the Lord high and lifted up. And the Bible says His glory filled the place. When was the last time that you saw the Lord? When was the last time that you were so impressed with the presence of the Lord that you just stood in awe before Him? Have you ever seen the glory of the Lord like that?

Now, the Bible says in John 1:18 that "no man has seen God, but the Son has revealed him." In John 12:41 the apostle tells us that when Isaiah had this vision, he saw the Lord Jesus Christ. He was seeing the preincarnate glory of Jesus Christ. When you come to church, you ought to be able to see the glory of God.

But let's face it. We have come to dozens and dozens of worship services and we have left without having seen the Lord. That is the first part of worship. You see the Lord in His majesty.

You see, when you come to church you ought to be coming looking for God. Not looking for a preacher; not looking for a song; not looking for other people. You ought to come looking for God.

You see, folks, if you come looking for God you'll find Him. But if you come looking for something to criticize, you'll find that too. You usually find what you come looking for.

I remember years ago when Henry Ward Beecher was a great preacher in Brooklyn, New York. He was known nationwide because o ...

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