by J. Gerald Harris

Is the Bible Fact or Fantasy?
Dr. J. Gerald Harris

We are living in a time of paradox in America. On one hand, there is the growing opinion that objective truth does not exist. But on the other hand, we are hungering for truth as never before. While many reject the concept of objective truth, they explore a web of avenues in order to find the truth that will work for them.

Every year the hottest selling tabloid newspapers that infest the check-out lanes of grocery stores are the year end editions which contain all of the prophesies by self- proclaimed psychics for the upcoming year. The prophesies range from the goofy to the bizarre to the absurd. Pope John Paul II was to have recorded a hit record with ex- Beatle Paul McCartney. Hillary Clinton, President Clinton's wife, was to have had a baby. James Kennedy, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, once said that he had saved these prophesies for one year and then looked back to see how many of them came true. None of them did. Not one! Nevertheless, "inquiring minds" scoop them up like gold nuggets and pore over them as though they were gospel.

Some try crystal balls; others, reincarnation; others, channeling (getting in touch with spirits of people who have died) to try to find truth to live by. Probably the most popular means is astrology. The horoscope appears in nearly every major newspaper in the country. You can buy your horoscope at almost any grocery store check-out counter. If you are wealthy enough, you can call psychic hot lines, and astrologers advertised on television who promise you all you need to know for success in business and love. And people seem to be flocking to these astrologers and these psychics like sea gulls to a shrimp boat.

And in the face of all this, the Bible has been under severe attack. In this century, the Bible was supposed to have been dismantled by the theory of evolution, destroyed by Marxism, and disproved by scientific knowledge. ...

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