by David Burns

Delight in the Church
David L. Burns

When it comes to the Church, I'm referring to the Lord's Church all around the world, the Church takes a lot of criticism. The early Church refers to the Church right after Christ's resurrection as he returned to Heaven. The apostles began leading the early Church into great ministry. Powerful ministry. Yet the early church suffered from criticism, both from the inside and outside.

In my 20 years of pastoring I've never found a perfect church. Someone said if you did find the perfect church, as soon as you joined it wouldn't be perfect because you aren't perfect. What do you add to the Church to help it be more perfect. What are you doing to help your church become less critical. I've pastured churches in Illinois, Missouri and Ohio and I have found that churches are the same. Problems are the same. The challenges are the same. The church need less critical people and more encouragers, who do God's Will through love, not critical judging.

As much as we criticize the church, we must remember that the Church is God's People. A church can never be more than its members. A church can never grow beyond its leaders, but it also will never be anything more than what its membership is individually.

Take the problem of closing the back door.
? A church will never be able to close the back door until each member stands at the back door.
? A church will never be more mature than the individual maturity of its members
? A church will never be more loving than the love each member has for one another.
? A church can never be called a house of prayer until each member learns to pray during the week.
? A church will never be biblical literate until each member starts to study and apply scriptures during the week.
? A church will never win the lost, until each member begins sharing their faith with others.
? A church will never be a place of encouragement until each member begins encouraging one another.

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