by David Burns

Freedom In Christ
David L. Burns
Ephesians 6:10-20

Our ultimate purpose as a church is to Glorify God--that is done primarily in our worship of God. Not just our cooperate worship, here. But how well we each worship God during the weekday. Out of our Worship, our purpose, comes our work. Our ultimate work is to reach our communities and this world for Christ!

Our strategy is for all of us to bring at least 2 guests to church. That was a vision and a strategy that we shared last September. That leaves a few months if you still have not done that.

This month I'll be preaching on evangelism. It's our theme. If you haven't caught on, we have four themes that we keep hitting on. Worship, Leadership, Pastoral Care and Evangelism. These are four areas we feel were very important to the first century church, and four areas we could always stand a good dose of improvement in.

But we have to first understand our own freedom in Christ before we can experience life style evangelism. Only as we come to understand and accept our freedom in Christ will we be able to accomplish our purpose and our work. You see, if you don't understand your freedom in Christ, then you will never be able to worship him beyond a dry, superficial type of worship. If you can't accept your freedom in Christ, you certainly aren't going to bother telling other people about freedom in Christ.

It sounds so simply and many people are quick to say, "Yes, I know I am free in Christ."

I share this message with you almost as someone who is watching his back. That is, Satan would not want me to share this with you at all. Because I believe there are many people here today that will be set free in Christ if you would allow God's Spirit to work in your heart. Satan will try and stop this. So, prayer warriors, pray hard as I share this very timely message that God has placed upon my heart.

"The prince of power of the air" (Eph. 2:2, NASB), "your enemy the devil prowls ar ...

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