by David Burns

More Than Conquerors Through The Resurrection
David L. Burns

Jesus gave his life to bring the love of God to ordinary people like me and you. He did only good such as healing the sick. And he made some enemies too.

He was arrested, beaten up and given over to the soldiers who took him and put him to death.

That really happened. A real Jesus was nailed to a real piece of wood and shed real human blood. The cross was a terrifying bloody execution. This is as down to earth and as relevant as it gets.

Seems cruel but God's love does not turn a blind eye to our helpless situation.

The bible is honest about human suffering and evil in the world and the Bible also causes us to be honest about ourselves too. Jesus said, "From the inside, from a person's heart, come the evil ideas which lead him to do immoral things..." Here Jesus describes sin for us. The word for sin is a word that is used by archers to describe what went wrong when they failed to hit the bull's eye. To sin means we miss the mark of what God intended for us. In fact, the bible says, "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God."

There is not one of us here who would pretend to think that we have never sinned. We all have done something that we are ashamed of. We've all hurt others and ourselves.

Now sin is a tough thing to deal with. Sin, to the guy with the bow, is like a strong gusty win. Although he might try to shoot at the bullseye, the wind can blow the arrow off course.

Sin is that same kind of constant negative force that spoils our best aim at life. Sin can be something we do, or an attitude that we have, a place we may go, but something that provides a negative influence upon on Christian life.

A negative influence upon our Christian life.

It is not that we just occasionally do wrong things, but here is a deep problem that plaques us all, like a cancer, that makes us go wrong. We become defeated by sin when we have no desire or no ...

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