TITUS (3 OF 4)

by Kenneth Boa

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Titus (3 of 4)
Ken Boa

Gracious Heavenly Father, we thank you so much for the grace that has been bestowed on us and the redemption that has been made available in Christ Jesus. We pray that we might really come to understand the implications of this redemption, the implications of Christ's life in us. That we might know the truth and walk in it. We would ask these things in Jesus' name. Amen.

Titus, as we've seen, is a book that deals with the whole area of connecting belief and behavior. It's a book about discipline, in part.

I came across this exercise program that I thought you'd enjoy here. There are all sorts of ways that people exercise. Now this one is a very practical one for me. I do a lot of this: beating around the bush, you can get 75 calories every time you do that. Then there's jumping to conclusions, climbing the walls - a lot of people get a lot of exercise out of that. You can swallow your pride - a passing the buck. Then there's also throwing your weight around - depending on your weight, the number of calories you get. You call also get something for dragging your heels and pushing your luck. Then there's also making mountains out of molehills - that's a big addition. Adding fuel to the fire, and hitting the nail on the head require hard work; wading through paperwork and bending over backwards. Then there's also jumping on the bandwagon and running around in circles. I think we do a lot of that. Eating crow, tooting your own horn, climbing the ladder of success, and then there's pulling out all of the stops and wrapping it up at the day's end. So, this is an important exercise program for all of us. I'm afraid we do more of these things than we'd probably like to admit. That's what I hate to say.

But as we look at Titus, we're going to be looking at a man who is being encouraged to exercise himself, but exercise himself for the sake of Godliness. And we saw in the overview of the book and its salutation that ...

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