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Titus Chapter 1 (2 of 4)
Ken Boa

As we saw before, Titus is a book that focuses on the appointment of leadership in churches in the cities on the Island of Crete. And Paul had brought his associate Titus up with him from the area of Ephesus after they left Timothy off there in Ephesus to set up leadership in those churches. Then Titus journeyed down with Paul maybe AD 63 or maybe 64, and went on down to Crete. And there Paul spent a short amount of time working and ministering there as an apostle, getting the message across. Then he left his associate Titus behind as he went on to Greece.

At this point, after a short time, he writes this epistle to Titus to kind of instruct him, remind him, to encourage him about the need not only to appoint leadership, but also to go ahead and to come back with him after that work had been established. A lot of this book deals with the issue of appointing leadership and setting things in order, things that were not completed when Paul was there. Now Paul is basically giving his associate apostolic authority as his representative to establish order among the churches, to encourage the people--especially in a hostile environment, an environment of false teachers. It's also an environment where there was a need for proper conduct, because in the context in which they lived there on the Island of Crete, there was a good deal of immorality going on.

So basically preaching and practice need to go together-your belief and your behavior, the truth and your walk. And this whole theme, of course, runs throughout the whole New Testament. You were to have a life based these four keys words:

First of all it is based on taking the truth and knowing the truth, if you had this response to truth. You must know it. Part of what these people are going to do as leaders in that church are to know the truth to defend the truth, and to oppose error. You'll see this again and again.

But then secondly, it's not en ...

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