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by Kenneth Boa

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Titus (1 of 4)
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Kenneth Boa

The epistle of Paul to Titus is very, very similar in many ways to his epistle to Timothy-his first epistle to Timothy. And together with the second epistle to Timothy, these three comprise what are called the Pastoral Epistles, having to do with shepherds or leaders. And even though that may not be an entirely correct account of them, still they do relate to the idea of the local church and the establishment of the church.

In this case he was with Timothy in the area around Ephesus and Asia Minor, and with Titus on the island of Crete, establishing various areas of leadership in each of the cities. Typically these churches, by the way, just so you can keep it in mind, a particular city like Ephesus, though there was a Church in Ephesus, actually there'd be a number of fellowships in Ephesus. Generally these would meet in homes, usually large enough homes where you could get twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty or so believers in these. But the church as a whole in Ephesus consisted of a number of these fellowships.

And the church-that's a tricky word because often today don't we think of the word "church" as a building more than anything else? We think sort of as a particular locale or location or a building or something like that. But the word "ecclesia" in the Greek means to be a community or congregation, and it often and primarily refers to the organism, rather than an organization. And the problem is it'd be rather nice actually if we had one word to use for the organization and one word to use for the organism, but alas that is not the case. We typically conflate the two and often confuse one with the other.

You need to keep this in mind because today as we kind of read back, we might sort of read back our understanding of churches, but there they didn't have such a thing as church buildings in the first century. Because it was a time, if you remember, in which there was a good deal of persecution fo ...

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