by Kenneth Boa

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The Book of Jeremiah (4 of 5)
Chapters 34-45
Dr. Ken Boa

I'm just going to pick up where I left off last time, and last time, you remember (and you don't) but last time, or maybe you do remember, we were looking at the positive, a positive section of Jeremiah which dealt with the future restoration of Jerusalem, and there we were looking at the fact that in these prophecies to the Gentiles, that there's a condemnation, but there's also a future restoration, and this is a very important thing again and again to see that the prophets encourage the people by saying even though judgment is certain, there will still be a future for the people, that God's going to keep covenant and He will restore His people. And it's during this future restoration of Jerusalem, that one of the most important predictions of the Old Testament occurs, namely the prophecy about the new covenant itself that God would establish; that I'm going to make a new covenant with my people, and last week we were talking about this new covenant, where this covenant will be such that " law will be written in your heart, and my spirit will be upon you, and so you will no longer need to teach each man his neighbor know the Lord"...because everyone will know the Lord, and it's a picture here of an internalization rather than an external way of trying to serve God by external routine and ritual. And this is the exact expression that Jesus picked up when he was saying"...this blood this cup is the new covenant", or New Testament, sometimes it's translated, in my blood. And when we speak of New Testament, the New Testament or the Old Testament, really is the old covenant and the new covenant. The old covenant in this case, referring to the Mosaic covenant, and the new covenant referring to the covenant that Christ launched or inaugurated, a blood covenant. And this blood covenant was mediated through his actual sacrifice. And so you have that picture that so beautifully and succinctly captured in Jo ...

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