by Jerry Branch

Faith Is Seen In Godly Mothers
Gerald D Branch
2 Timothy 1:5

KEYWORDS: faith; training; evidence; Jesus; mothers; influence

Paul states, "For I am mindful of the sincere faith within you"

What a very powerful statement about young Timothy's life.

Here is a person's life that is demonstrating very clearly and very visibly something different...something that literally STANDS OUT to others... That something being....his sincere FAITH!

Think with me for just a moment on that...

What Paul is telling us, is that Timothy's faith is not just 'what appears to be' faith...

NO...instead...Timothy's faith is...look how Paul puts is SINCERE FAITH

It's important that we notice the word describing Timothy's is the Greek word for sincere 'a-nu-po-kri-tos', avnupo,kritoj, on literally meaning: "without hypocrisy;" hence "genuine, sincere"

In other words, there was no 'outward evidence' that Timothy was 'faking' it...

And here is where Paul makes a very important point...He goes on to say, that this SAME faith...this same SINCERE FAITH, is faith that FIRST was seen in two ladies...his grandmother, Lois, and his mother, Eunice...

And now, here is Timothy, whose own life is that same kind of faith that was seen in his family....

What a demonstration of the powerful influence of at least two godly women on the life of another.

What a POWERFUL living testimony and tribute, both the Lord, Jesus Christ, as well as to these two caring, loving, and obedient to the Lord, Ladies!

Moms...grandmoms...greatgrandmoms...parents...your lives are a very strong influence on the lives of those around you...on your children; on your grandchildren, on your great grandchildren.

You can bet your bottom dollar, the way you live WILL be a legacy lived out in the lives of your children. This just goes to show how important it is for parents, grandparents...and church families, to be 'godly' examples to the children around them. ...

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