by Jerry Branch

God Has Something Better! Will You Receive It, Or Miss It?
Gerald D. Branch
Acts 11:19-21

Keywords: faith; Jesus; Lord's hand; salvation; supernatural; growth

Look again at verse 21..."The Lord's Hand was with them...and a GREAT number of people believed and turned to the Lord"

God HAS something MUCH better!

You know, folks, all throughout God's Word, we find in His revelation to us, that He has brought about miraculous changes in people, Consider the MIRACLE and BLESSING of Salvation Consider the MIRACLE and BLESSING of Healing

And God has brought about miraculous changes in the church, Consider the GREAT Revivals, Consider the GREAT Missionary movements, Consider the MIRACULOUS rebirth of dead churches into vibrant, and Living organisms like the now great Brooklyn Tabernacle

God brings about Miraculous changes in people and His church WHENEVER His people would let Him work through them...

But...on the flip side, we also see consequence after consequence of Missed Blessings, whenever God's people refused to HUMBLE themselves, and do not take the time to seek His face, and when God's people did NOT take the TIME to PRAY and make PRAYER a PRIORITY in their lives and in the life of the church, and did not repent of their sins, and did NOT let Him work through them.

That said: what does having the "Lord's Hand Upon them" mean?

It means having God's power at work in an individual's life and having God's power at work and being made manifest in His Church...this local church... It means, having and following His direction in our individual lives and in His Church...this church, and it means having His Anointing in our lives and upon our church.

To have His power at work in our lives and in the life of this church, means that God is accomplishing things through our lives and through this church that WE could not possibly accomplish through our own effects or programs and activities. In other words, to have His Hand on us, means ...

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