by Jerry Branch

Reflections...What Do You See?
The Lord's Supper
Jerry Branch
Luke 22:7-20


If you look into a mirror, what do you see?

You see an image being 'thrown back' or reproduced... you see a likeness.

Now, lots of things give us mirror images... Mirrors, bright metal pans or hubcaps... still lakes or pools of water.

Almost every house has at least one mirror in it...

We use mirrors in our homes to see how we look... do our clothes hang right? Am I shaving in the right places; am I tying my tie the right way; Do the colors of my clothes coordinate; is our hair in place; too many wrinkles show?

When we look into a mirror, we see an image of ourselves.

Now, just for fun, imagine what it would be like, if say about 10 or 20 years ago, you started your day off normally,... you even took a look at yourself, and then something really happened that day...everything thing that once reflected mirror images, strangely ceased to be able to do so.... all the mirrors in the world all stopped reflecting.... all the ponds stopped reflecting... all the smooth metal surfaces ceased to reflect... nothing any longer would reflect...

Over a period of time, we'd forget what we looked like... the only image we'd have was the last one we saw.... maybe that wouldn't be so bad for some of us... but we'd tend for forget ... the mental images would grow a bit dimmer with each passing day and year.

OK...back out of fantasy land....back to the real world of 2002

Perhaps today, perhaps your own picture of Jesus Christ has grown a little dim...perhaps you could do with being able to see Him clearer once again.

Images are interesting things... in fact, the Bible uses this word, some 100 times...

Sometimes images are bad... like worshiping graven images...

Sometimes images are good... like you and me being created in the Image of God.... as we read in Gen 1:26.... and we also find out that we have been predestined to be ...

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