by Jerry Branch

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What Would A Kingdom EKG Say About You? (3 of 4)
Do you have a The Kingdom Attitude?
Kingdom of God Series
Jerry Branch
Matthew 5:3

I do not believe that it is by chance that the Lord has impressed me that we've got to plunge in deeper into examining both what a life that reflects the Kingdom of God looks like and how each of us can do so through the Power of the Lord, Jesus Christ... Nor do I believe that it is by chance that even our Southern Baptist Convention is placing a worldwide emphasis on Kingdom Growth... through the theme, "EMPOWERING KINGDOM GROWTH."

You may even notice that I had Bunnie include in your worship bulletin a reprint from SBC Life... I found it to be an excellent EKG tool for each of us, both individually and as our church.

So, here is the challenge for all of us today..... Every one of us should be asking ourselves a question "Am I a kingdom person?"....and if not, "HOW can I become one?"

And if you are able through the help of the Holy Spirit to answer that you are in fact a "kingdom person," as each person who knows the Lord, Jesus Christ already is, then, each of us who know Jesus as our Savior and Lord should then be asking then, "HOW should I live, so that I do show my life as such?"

I believe it is extremely important that we hear the words of the Lord, Jesus Christ, as He gave us what we call the Beatitudes.... because what He tells us is truly the key ingredient to both starting to live a life that reflects His Kingdom as well as continuing to live such a life .... a life that really does reflect us being a Kingdom citizen.

Listen again....blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

What then is 'blessed?'

The Biblical word for Blessed in the New Testament is Greek 3107, NASB makarios; which means: (happy); blessed, happy:-"

The opposite word of 'blessed,' in the Bible is "Woe".... but I don't know very many people who want to be 'woe,' or 'cursed,' or 'sad,' or' mi ...

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