by Jerry Branch

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A Picture of the Kingdom (2 of 4)
Kingdom of God series
Jerry Branch
Mark 4:30

I shared with you all last week that I would be starting a new series which would address the importance of understanding the Kingdom of God.

I want to start by saying first that the reason I believe that we need to have a good understanding of the Kingdom of God is that if we are to really reach the people with the Good News of Jesus and if we're really going to minister and serve in a way that does in fact make a difference, THEN, we've got to realize that we're not just doing church work to keep us occupied, but that through the sharing of the Good News and ministering to other words, serving people like Jesus did, then there is something of much greater value than being good little followers of Christ that happens. What all this means is that we need to have a 'kingdom' perspective.

So, when we develop a 'kingdom perspective,' then I believe we end up with a completely different attitude and understanding of our lives here on earth are all about...and we'll see and really appreciate that what each of us does here does in fact have importance the Kingdom of God, which then helps us realize we've got a real purpose....

I believe that when we really appreciate the Kingdom of God, then we'll WANT to be making a lasting contribution ourselves to the Kingdom of God...

And when we really understand and start living as citizens of the Kingdom of God, we both be blessed as well as be a beacon of hope and light in a very dark and discouraging world.

Today, I want us to look at and answer the hard question, What is the Kingdom of God?

What is the Kingdom of God....Is it just a phrase? Is it real? And where is it?

I want us to try to find the answers to those questions this morning, and also I would like us to also discover what it means to be a citizen of the kingdom of God, and what our response is supposed to be.

We found out last week ...

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