by Jerry Branch

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Have You Drifted? If So, What Do You Do To Return? (4 of 4)
Faith at work in your life Series
Jerry Branch
Hebrews 2:1

I felt led to take a brief detour from 2 Peter this morning. We're still going to be dealing with faith, but from another aspect of it. The thing I want us to look at this morning is something that continues to plague having an effective walk with Christ, and having the abundant life that He wants us to have.

The issue I want to look at is that of 'drifting.'

I was thinking about the events of last week...our combined community service for the 9-11 Remembrance.

We had hoped that this would have been greatly supported by all our like- faith churches, but such was not the case.

It seems that most just wanted to do their own regular Wednesday night events. I'm not going to being critical...each church must do what it thinks best.

At the same time, that brought something to mind, and I had to ask myself, what happened to the oneness...what happened to the unity of spirit in trying to reach out and be there to show Jesus Christ to our community and in remembering those men and women of the various law enforcement and fire and health agencies?

Stop and think about it.... you know, just a little over a year ago we suffered an attack on our country, and thousands of lives were lost in an instant.

And pretty quick like, the country all got on one beat... but over the 12 months that have followed, there seems to be a loss of resolve settling onto our country...

it seems we're drifting back into the 'oh, well, everything seems to be alright, we can breathe easier, let's not rock the international boat'... we seem to be drifting from our unity and resolve.

What is interesting, and concerning, although, when you think about it, it really shouldn't surprise us... Because this also can be seen in the life of INDIVIDUAL Christians, as well as in the life of a local church and in denominational life...

Hmmmm...All t ...

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