by Jerry Branch

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You're Useful When You Have Living Faith (3 of 4)
Faith at work in your life Series
Jerry Branch
2 Peter 1:5-10

As we've already seen, we who know Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord have a very precious faith for 2 important reasons...

First, of all because of ALL that Christ has done for us on the Cross,

And second, because we are partakers of the divine nature of Christ Himself.

And because of that, our faith is supposed to be ACTIVE... it is supposed to be Alive, when we appropriate or when we put into effect in our lives what we might call here, Peter's list of the fruits of the Spirit, then we are being useful to our Lord... we're letting our light of Jesus Christ show brightly so that our neighbors can see it, so that our families can see it, so that our co-workers can see it, so that all can see it in us!

QUESTION: Is your faith ALIVE and ACTIVE?

Now...I'm going to start off by making a very bold and very fundamental statement regarding our faith... regarding your faith... and this fundamental truth should really help you as you sometimes end up struggling with all of the aspects of living, which range from how to overcome temptation, to how to raise your kids, to how to grow old gracefully, how to handle criticism, how to be the husband or wife you're supposed to be, Or how to accomplish or undertake those things the Lord would sometimes ask you to do for Him,...

You see, folks, there is a very simple truth that we don't talk about enough... That truth being...before God ever asks you to do anything, He puts into place exactly what you need...

This is why the Gospel of Jesus Christ does not make any commandment about your behavior or my behavior UNTIL we become Christians...until we became God's people... Look at the was given to God's chosen people, Israel... Jesus tells the believer that he or she is to obey His commands... not the world...

In other words....before we're ever told to behave ...

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