by Jerry Branch

Lord, What do You have for FBC?
Jerry Branch
John 16:24; Isaiah 54:1-5; Acts 20:20

Last Sunday Night I shared with you that in my asking the Lord, "What would You have for FBC" that He answered me from His Word, taking me to Isaiah 54:1-5... and basically through this passage the Lord showed me that operating 'in the box' is NOT what He wants... but that IF we will allow Him to work through us, He has a GREAT future planned for us... A future that will see us ministering to a large portion of the people of this area...

Now, I've continued to pray, seeking Him and His vision, His direction, His guidance... because I know for a fact that in and of ourselves, neither YOU nor ME can accomplish any of this... it is simply too big... Now, for some of you all who were with us for Wednesday night, what I'm sharing this morning is an expanding of what I shared with you then.

But as I've been seeking the Lord in all this, and trying to get it all sorted out, several things keep emerging... FIRST... This church has a VERY BRIGHT FUTURE ahead of her in becoming what God truly wants for her... part of that being that expanding of our tent place... IF... that's the CHOICE condition... IF we are willing to GET OUT OF OUR OWN BOX and allow God to be God through us...

If you've been serious about what I've been sharing and have done some reading yourselves, you can understand why I have been deeply reminded of that through what Isaiah 54:1 says... because all this has reminded me... that the things that God wants to do through US here at FBC can only be done IF we'll do what is NOT the normal in 21st Century church life... Out of all that, I am more and more convinced that God wants us to have an ACTS 20/20 Vision... That means we will proclaim Jesus Christ in both our PUBLIC Corporate times of Worship right here on our Sunday Mornings, and other times that we gather to worship together as a corporate body, as well as House to House... that is through ...

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