by Jerry Branch

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How to Live For Jesus In 2001 (1 of 3)
Gerald D Branch
December 31, 2000
1 Corinthians 1:1-3

We live in a world and time that both has hope and has frustrations...we live in a world and time of new challenges as well as a myriad of problems that must be dealt with...

We live in a world and time in which people (Christian people) struggle with issues such as: How do we raise our children so they will be prepared for life? How do we deal with issues of family relationships, Our relationship with our spouse; with our children; with our parents;

How do we deal with the issues of working...How do you balance the need to make a living, with the need to spend time with the children and with your spouse?

How do you balance the need to work with your desire to be obedient to the Lord and serve Him, both in your church as well as having a viable personal witness to those around you?

How do we deal with issues facing our often do we meet; what do our small groups really need to provide for solid Christian development and forming lasting and meaningful relationships;

How do we deal with the personal issues of growing in our own walk with the Lord; how do we deal with training up our children in the ways of the Lord; how do we personally set aside the time and develop meaning times of study and prayer.

How do we deal with the issues of what does the future hold for us?
in our faith walk with the Lord;
in our dealings with the people of the world;
in our role as 'salt of the world.'

These are all difficult questions; so where do we go to find the answers?

Well...some would tell you that you should go on the has all the answers...

Some would say to further your education, and study under some of the best philosophers;

Some would tell you to buy their latest book on "how to" and your problems will be solved.

And some will tell you to take a seminar...learn how to throw things or cuss out your hostilities; or l ...

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