by Jerry Branch

Searching for Answers
Andrew Harvest Sunday (Evangelism)
Jerry Branch
John 3:1-18 Focus on 3:16

Have you ever set out to quest for the truth on something? College students do so when they're researching a subject. Marketing people do so when they want to find out who will buy a product.

But, searching for answers isn't anything new-it's not something we modern day people figured out. But one of the most sought after truths, is what is the real meaning of life?

Do you realize that all throughout the human race's history, we have sought the real meaning for life? Many turned started their searches with philosophy. Back in the fourth Century, one of the early church fathers, Augustine, was such a seeker.

Most Christians today will recognize the name Augustine, but not many realize that he wasn't a converted to following Jesus Christ until later in his adult life. And, like many Christians today, he too, grew up in a Christian home, but when he was old enough to make a commitment to Christ, he decided NO. He decided that he just did not want to be a Christian and be baptized. He just wasn't sure about of the faith and the church life that his parents had raised him around.

So, what did he do? He set out to see if there was something else. He traveled the world as a matter of fact, and studied various world philosophies. Well guess what attracted him the most? Something called "Manicheism." This was a belief that the world was created by some power of evil, and not God. It was based on the evidence that there was so much evil in the world, and all the chaos. In all this, Augustine studied, and became a very worthy opponent to anyone who tried to debate him on the subject of God vs. Evil.

Well, Augustine became a teacher and eventually ended up in the town of Milan, Italy. Here he met his intellectual match. Here he met a church leader named Ambrose.

Over time, these two unlikely men actually became friends, and under Ambrose's in ...

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