by Jerry Branch

The Journey of Faith
Jerry Branch
James 2:14-20
December 5, 1999

The Lord has been reminding me that we as His followers - Christians - we are just like our brothers and sisters of days gone by in that we, too, are engaged in a 'faith walk.' I believe that it is so very important in our Christian walk, that as we consider the meaning of Christmas, and what all God purposed and brought about, that we also remember that there was a young woman and a man involved, both of whom in order to be used in God's PURPOSE, both had to also say YES, Lord, and step out in faith, putting their FAITH into Action, stepping out in faith, so that God's divine Purpose would be carried out through them, and by doing so, in this exercising of their faith, they show us an example of a faith in ACTION that pleases God.

I believe therefore, that there is a very real application in their example for us today, as we witness the various faith-walks of Mary and Joseph and the many others who had gone before them. You see, folks, unless we see our God in the wrong light, and we believe that people have no choice whatsoever, unless we believe that God just forces people to do exactly what He wants, then you and I must agree that many, many people, all down through human history have had to act in faith. The Marys and Josephs, the Noahs, the Moses, the Davids, the Pauls, the Peters. All these and many many more had to act on their faith. They had to act in faith in their own time in human history, just as we today also must do the same.

And I believe that even though we find that their circumstances back then in their day may have been different, i.e., the clothes they wore being different, their mode of transportation being different, their language and communication being different, one thing WAS and still IS the very same: in order to please God it was and still IS necessary to put action behind their faith.

And as we look at their lives, often times we see that just like t ...

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