by Jerry Branch

God's Holiness - What it takes to Meet with God
Jerry Branch
Isaiah 6:1-7
November 29, 1998

Consider this for a minute - many Americans, many people, do something almost each and every Sunday. We go to church. In fact, every Sunday, there are MILLIONS of God's people who all gather together in churches all across this world, millions of people gathering for a purpose - the purpose being to worship Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. This whole idea of people worshiping all across the world becomes even more amazing, when we stop and think that they come together to worship in all kinds of churches, big churches, little churches, inner city churches, country churches, suburb churches, and even churches meeting in individual homes. Some of them meet in multi-million dollar auditoriums; some meet in rented school auditoriums; and some worship on vacant lots. Some worship in a very traditional style, concentrating more on providing a contemplative atmosphere; some have louder services, with drums and electric guitars, some worship using a more upbeat celebrative type format; I could go on and on describing the various ways of worshiping God, but here is what is interesting.

No matter what the style of worship, no matter where the believers are meeting, they all have one common denominator. They have come together to worship Jesus Christ. Now, when these congregations come together to worship, in each of the individual worshiper's, one of two things will happen: They will either connect with God, so to speak, OR.... they will just go through the motions of the service and will go home empty. So, we will either Connect with God, or go home empty. Personally, I believe that with very rare exception, most of the people who come to all the various Christian churches all over this world every Sunday, most of the people who come to worship want to FALL into CATEGORY ONE - they want to CONNECT with God.

I believe that is what WE want to do today, isn't it? AME ...

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