by Jerry Branch

Why should we do What We Do?
Jerry Branch
John 14:12-14

Look with me, at this passage for a moment. Jesus says in His very own words, "I say to you." Now, back then He was talking to His disciples. But today, through His words as recorded in the Scriptures, Jesus is still talking. Today, Jesus is now speaking directly to you and me, and to His church. Jesus says, "I say to you."

What does this passage say to us today? Better yet, what does JESUS say to you today? Which then brings us to the title of my message - W.S.W.D.WWD. Why should WE do WHAT WE DO? It's because, we must make a response to Jesus and His Word. And even if we chose not to, we made a response. A negative response, but a response just the same. Why should we do WHAT WE DO? Jesus gives us right here some words that should guide everything we do as Christians, they should guide everything we do as a church, they should guide all our plans. Jesus says the words, "that the Father may be glorified in the Son."

Folks, whatever we do as we respond to the Lord is supposed to bring GLORY to God, the Father, of our Lord, Jesus Christ. That should always be the driving IMPERATIVE that is behind every action, behind every one of our every ministries both personal ministry, and church ministries. Bringing glory to God through His Son. WHY SHOULD WE DO What We Do?

We will see that in these few verses we're looking at today, Jesus is saying to us, to the born again believer, to His followers, that the works that He did and continues to do, we also will do, but even more so, He points out that we will do even greater works. Now, let me ask you this - don't you think that that is going to bring Glory to God the Father?

Well. What does it mean that every one is going to do great works? Again, look what the Bible says - Verse 12 says, "He who believes". Does anyone know what the word BELIEVE means?

Believes - it's the ENGLISH word translated from the GREEK word which tells us that ...

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