by Jerry Branch

What Do You Do When There's Nothing You Can Do?
Jerry Branch
Isaiah 43:1-5
March 8, 1998

Have you ever been driving during a heavy downpour? Have you ever had your car go out of control because of the thing called "aquaplaning?" No matter what you do, it won't steer, and it just continues to skim along the top of the water-coated pavement. Friends, that's out of control. And if you've ever experienced it, you know how scary it can be. Unfortunately, it sometimes our lives do exactly what our cars can do on wet pavement. Everything might seem to be going along just fine. Then, without any warning, suddenly things just seem like they go out of control - only it lasts much longer than a few seconds. Maybe someone close to you dies, or out of the clear blue, your health goes downhill, or with no warning, maybe a relationship comes apart, or maybe your job situation goes critical, and becomes unstable, or you're fired or laid off, or maybe you fall victim to someone else's mistreatment.

Folks, there are simply times in our lives when things just seem to go wildly out of control, and we come up against what seems to be immovable solid wall, it just seems that there is nothing we can do about it. When that happens, what do you do? Do you throw up your hands in despair? Do you go off into a corner and curl up into the proverbial fetal position, and grab your ear with one hand and suck your thumb? Do you just give up? Do you just decide there is no use to keep on trying? That all may sound tempting, but there's a better way.

Today, we're going to see what you can do when there's nothing you can do. Folks, there are several promises here in this passage from book of Isaiah, promises that will strengthen you when life's circumstances literally overwhelm you. First of all, remember that as a saved child of God, YOU BELONG TO HIM. Isaiah 43:1-2 says that it was God who created you, it was God who formed you, it was God who redeemed you, and it is God who calls you ...

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