by Jerry Branch

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A Real Picture of Worship (1 of 2)
Pastor Jerry Branch
2 Chronicles 29:1-11
Jan 17, 1999 a.m.

Last week we looked at what the Bible says about the kind of service you and I are to be about. And what we found out is that we are to offer ourselves to God as "living sacrifices". In other words, we offer ourselves, in complete submission to the Lord, Jesus Christ. We found out that this basically, and really, quite simply means, that in order to be 'a living sacrifice, acceptable to God,' we must allow Jesus to live through us all the time.

That means that contrary to popular, ungrounded opinion, we are to be about worshiping Jesus all the time, not just on Sunday mornings.

Since this whole issue of Christian worship is so important, we'll look some more at this subject of worship today, and try to answer some important questions.

First, if we are going to worship, we need to know what worship is. So, the first question relates to the need for a good modern day definition of worship. Probably whenever we think of this word, WORSHIP, no doubt most of us come up with some really varied pictures or definitions.

In fact, let me ask you this: have you PERSONALLY ever tried to define worship? In other words, have you ever tried to figure out just what worship means to YOU?

When we stop and consider all of the words in the Bible that are used that mean 'worship' - and here, I'm talking about all the words that we find in both the Old and New Testaments - and then, when we lay all these meanings out before us to examine, in other words, when we put all their meanings together, do you know what we find out?

We come to discover something amazing. We find out that this thing we call 'worship' involves two things. One aspect of Worship involves both our personal attitudes toward God (here we're talking about things such as awe, reverence, respect) and on the other hand, it involves our very actions, actions, which are a part of worship (such as t ...

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