by Jerry Branch

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A Healthy Fear (3 of 4)
Knowing the Will of God Series
Jerry Branch
Psalm 25:10-14
August 16, 1998

Have you noticed that we live in a world that literally relentlessly bombards us with endless appeals to go in what seems to be a hundred million different directions all at the same time? Sometimes it just seems that we're going to get torn apart by all the different PULLS we have tugging on us. Television advertising by itself constantly throws hundreds of options out there in front of us, and a lot of them look pretty good. Madison Avenue is earning her money.

We see new cars that say buy me; new clothes that say wear me; foods that say eat me; banks that say give me your money, and so on. Political parties who call us on the phone saying vote for our candidates, we'll take better care of you than the guys did who are now in office.

Hundreds of different charities, even some Christian ones, call us throughout the day and evening, and try to get us to support them, or do service work. But on top of all that, then there are decisions that we need to make every day. Decisions concerning our money; decisions concerning our jobs; decisions concerning our families. Folks, it is no wonder we sometimes feel like we're going to snap.

But there's some good news. You see folks, there is an answer to all this. One that simplifies our life. One that takes out the stresses. The answer is Jesus Christ, because He has a foolproof plan for our lives. Jesus who wants to be our Savior and Lord. Jesus who wants to teach us, to show us His Will. Jesus who wants to give each of us the answers to how to have a more abundant life without having to go on a spending frenzy or giving countless hours of works in a vain attempt to gain God's favor.

These past weeks, we've been working through the 25th Chapter of the book of Psalm. We've seen through the example of God's servant David, a man after God's own heart, as he was called, we've seen that just like David, we wh ...

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